On Paradise Island we don’t really do seasons. We have a hot and humid summer and then another season which is just a tiny bit less humid and a tiny bit windier. But, you know sometimes it really feels like Winter, like, I think it was a Wednesday last year…

That being said, here are some things that happened that bloody Wednesday:

1. Students turn up to lectures in hoodies

Determined to wear the cute outfit they bought last September and haven’t had a chance to wear, a lot of students will turn up at uni decked out in their favourite uggs and sweaters.

This ensemble always seems like a good idea in the cool 7:00 am breeze; less so by midday.

2. Granny officially closes the swimming season

She’ll complain that the last time she went swimming the water was freezing (even though it’s probably warmer than it was in December) and that from this day on, anyone who goes for a swim will get sick.

3. Whatsapp groups flare up with conversations of “you’re wearing closed shoes right?”

Cause if your toes are out when it drizzles, the world officially comes to an end – and you don’t want your sandals to be the cause of an apocalypse.

4. Your mother whips the winter blankets out of storage

Even though you’ll still be sleeping with the AC on for the next month – you just have to make the room cold enough to sleep comfortably with a quilt.

5. Your Facebook feed is flooded with mugs of hot chocolate and Radiohead songs

Enjoy your melancholic staring out of the window, the rest of us are heading to the beach.

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