The roads of Mauritius aren’t exactly the safest place to be, but when you don’t drive you look past the safety issues and long for the day you’re able to join the daily commuters, braving the traffic around Phoenix, Curepipe or Port Louis.

Here are some moments that push non-drivers to contemplate actually getting their license:

1. When you wait for the bus in the boiling sun or in heavy rain

All the while knowing you might have to wait another hour till it even appears. 

2.  When people ask you why you don’t drive

They’ll all assume it’s because you’re lazy, when there’s probably a multitude of reasons behind it, (not least because you’re too broke to afford lessons).

3. When you have to leave early to catch the bus back home

The night is young, but you end up going home at the same time old people do.

4. When you have to beg your friends to drive you home

And no one is up for it.

5. When you have to leave home 2 hours early just to get there in time

Being punctual requires a lot of planning beforehand. Especially when you rely on the public buses.

6. When you plan to go somewhere, but give up and stay home ’cause it’s too much effort

I’ll go out some other day. Maybe.

7. When someone asks you if you can drive them home

And having to tell them you don’t even drive.

8. When all your friends drive except you

And you sit there and swear you’ll get your license someday.


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